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Who We Are: Guillermo A. Lemarchand

Born in 1960, physicist Dr. Guillermo A. Lemarchand leads the southern hemisphere META II SETI project at the Argentine Institute for Radio Astronomy. He is also working in a long-term futures research program at the Center for Advanced Studies of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Within the SETI field, he writes about the range of approaches that could be used to detect ETI. For several years, beginning in 1993, he served as the editor of Bioastronomy News (a publication of Commission 51 of the International Astronomical Union, published by The Planetary Society). And he serves as the executive secretary of IAA's international SETI Permanent Study Group. He co-edited the proceedings of the 1996 SPIE optical SETI conference, and the proceedings of Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in the Search for Life in the Universe. Earlier he worked with Carl Sagan at Cornell University on an ICSC World Laboratory Scholarship. He wrote a 1992 transdisciplinary book about SETI (El Llamado de las Estrellas), co-authored a 1995 book (Vida y Cosmos), and co-edited a 2000 book (Origins: From the Big Bang to the Civilizations, An Introduction to Astrobiology). And in 1999 he was co-director of the first Ibero-American School on Astrobiology.

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