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Articles for Further Study

Visitors (both human and extraterrestrial) to the Invitation to ETI website are invited to read the following articles by Signatories to this Invitation, to gain further insight into our project, its background, and our views for the future. These articles are available as either HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Portable Document Format (PDF) files, by following the appropriate links. Additional articles by Invitation to ETI founder and chief scientist Allen Tough can be found on his personal website.

1986What Role Will Extraterrestrials Play In Humanity's Future?Allen ToughHTML
1990A Critical Examination of Factors that Might Encourage SecrecyAllen ToughPDF
1991Intelligent Life in the Universe:
What Role Will It Play In Our Future?
Allen ToughHTML
1991From which aspects of reality can we gain Meaning and Purpose?Allen ToughHTML
1995Positive Consequences of SETI Before DetectionAllen ToughHTML
1995A Message from Future GenerationsAllen ToughHTML
1997Small Smart Interstellar ProbesAllen ToughHTML
1998How Can We Achieve Contact?Allen ToughHTML
1998If You're Out There, ET, Log On!Paul DaviesHTML
1999How to Achieve Contact: Five Promising StrategiesAllen ToughHTML
1999The Amsterdam GatheringGiovanni VulpettiHTML
1999An Open Letter to Alien LurkersDavid BrinHTML
1999An Extraordinary EventAllen ToughHTML
2000How Old is ET?Ray NorrisHTML
2000Joining the Galaxy-Wide UnionAllen ToughHTML
2000Welcome, ETIH. Paul ShuchHTML
2000What People Hope to Learn from Other CivilizationsAllen ToughPDF
2000The 2000 Santa Clara GatheringMary ReedHTML
2001Security During the First Thirty DaysAllen ToughHTML
2002Post-biological Implications for SETIAllen ToughHTML
2002 The Internet as a Gateway to ETI Allen Tough PDF
2004Public Communication in Close-Up ContactAllen ToughHTML
2004Communicating with ETIAllen Tough and
Scarlett Wang
2005Testing a Claim of Extraterrestrial Technology
(IAA Preprint)
H. Paul Shuch
and Allen Tough
2005The San Marino Scale:
a new analytical tool for assessing transmission risk (IAA Preprint)
Ivan Almar and
H. Paul Shuch
2005Past and Future of Astronomy and SETI Cast in Maths
(IAA Preprint)
Claudio MacconePDF
2005Definition of a SETI Search
(IAA Abstract)
Lori WaltonPDF
2005The 2005 Fukuoka GatheringH. Paul ShuchHTML
2005Testing the SETI Hacker HypothesisMarcus LeechPDF
2006Have We Got a Message from ETI?
three dress rehearsals for contact online
Scarlett WangPDF
2006Proposing a METI Institute Alexander ZaitsevPDF
2006 Tables of Nearby Star Data, Positions, and Names:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
compiled by
Gerald Nordley
2007The San Marino Scale:
a new analytical tool for assessing transmission risk
H. Paul Shuch
and Ivan Almar
2007Testing a Claim of Extraterrestrial TechnologyH. Paul Shuch
and Allen Tough
2007Shouting in the Jungle:
the SETI Transmission Debate
H. Paul Shuch
and Ivan Almar
2007Quantifying Past Transmissions Using the San Marino ScaleH. Paul Shuch
and Ivan Almar
2008Remembering: Sir Arthur C. ClarkeH. Paul ShuchHTML
2008Sputnik and SETI: Uniting East and WestH. Paul ShuchPDF
2009Is There Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe?H. Paul Shuch and
Ben Zuckerman

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